HSG Combination Fiber Lasers

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About HSG

Headquartered in Foshan, China HSG began its journey in 2006 as a hi-tech enterprise manufacturing laser equipment. Today, they have been recognized by a number of institutions, have 1700 employees, 13 branches, and customers in 13 countries. Their R&D is focused on building intelligently designed machines with a vision to being a leader in the metal cutting industry.


HSG launched their first MA series of integrated optical file lasers in 2012 and their sheet and tube laser machine in 2013. They continued their initiative with a 5-axis 3D tube-cutting laser in 2017. Their P-series innovative laser head was entirely developed in their Japanese R&D center.


HSG's organic growth has been through active participation in trade shows and strategic partnerships with partners and distributors. An R&D center was opened in Japan in 2020 to keep up with HSG’s vision of designing intelligent machines for the metal forming industry. HSG is a popular provider of laser machines in Asia and has made big inroads in Europe and North America.


HSG has been pushing their machine designs with advanced mechanisms and automation. Their internally developed Alpha T Bus CNC system supports batch processing, ultra-high-speed scanning and cutting, and integrated nesting to improve material utilization by 13%.

HSG Combination Fiber Lasers

GXE Series

GXE Series


GXE Key Features







1.5 – 6 [kW]




Max Acceleration





Max. Speed





XY Axis Repositioning Accuracy

± 0.03mm




Processing Materials

Round tube dia. Φ20-210mm

square tube dim. 20*20-150*150mm

rectangular tube: diagonal≤210mm



HSG's Driving Force


Cut both sheet metal and tubes with this fast automatic platform exchange laser machine featured with carbon steel machine for accurate cut results.


Four chucks have wireless transmission fitted with a pressure feedback system to adjust cutting pressure based on tube size and thickness. All four chucks offer cutting sheet, removing and unloading finished part enabling higher throughput.


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