Universal CAD/CAM application for optimizing metal sheet cutting


World Market Leader in CAD/CAM

AlmaCAM, based in Grenoble, France has been serving the fabrication industry for over 40 years. Their core mission is to elevate the manufacturing process by developing innovative programs that optimize sheet metal working, cutting, and robotics. Since inception in 1979, Alma has expanded to 8 different countries in Europe and the USA. They invest heavily in R&D to build products & solutions for sheet metal businesses around the world. Alma is extremely customer focussed. They offer support and training at every stage of installation and after sales to ensure customer success.

Alma’s suite of powerful CAD/CAM applications

AlmaCAM's nesting software is the leading software in the industry. It is a highly adaptive, easy-to-use CAD/CAM software. Recently, Alma launched cloud nesting which gives access to high performance automatic nesting functions for complex 2D parts at the click of a button. A fab shop can also choose from Alma's comprehensive range of customizable open system shop floor management modules which interact seamlessly with many machine brands and information systems. Alma also offers a fully featured CAM system for 5 and 6-axis cutting applications and off-line programming for robots.



Used world-wide and known for quality, Alma’s proprietary and versatile nesting algorithm evaluates several cutting methods to determine best material utilization and cutting path.


Now, Alma’s powerful automatic nesting software is available through a subscription-based online web application. Customers can take advantage of Alma’s advanced nesting solution on a trial basis or simply have access to a sophisticated program for a low monthly fee.

Robotized Welding

Investing in a robotized welding cell? Alma's off-line Programming (OLP) is 10 times faster than programming by “teaching”.

One on One Demo

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